Sharing a quote on a webpage without static URL

The editorial article on the website of the flemish newspaper De Standaard is located on this url: ““. There’s no static link, and the editorial is refreshed each day with new content. Very ennoying if you want to share the article on some forum or social bookmarking site.

Yesterday’s editorial covered hunger striking immigrants contesting they were refused a permit to stay in Belgium. The editor made clear that the immigrants themselves did not initiate the strike, but they were talked into this immoral way of blackmailing the government by organizations supporting the rights of refugees. Whatever the good intentions may have been, these organizations carry a responsibility for the unhuman situation to which a hunger strike results.

In view of spreading this statement, I wanted to share it on my facebook, but I had to rely on a complicated chain of services to get it there!

Step 1: make the content static by quoting it using kwout, a service that can share screenshots of a website.

Step 2: kwout won’t share directly into facebook, so I had to publish the picture on flickr first.

Step 3: flickr won’t publish into facebook either, so the next step was now to make a bookmark to the shared screenshot using delicious.

Step 4: all my new delicious bookmarks are automatically shared on facebook, so the screenshot was posted on my profile.

There must have been a more convenient way to achieve this goal, which I have missed. Maybe involving different services.

One aspect of the problem is storing the content that will disappear from the original website anyway. The way back machine seems like a solution, but (1) it doesn’t make daily copies and (2) it only published stored pages 6 months after collecting the information. I didn’t come across other services that would store a copy of a webpage and make it available online.

Connectivity among social networking tools can still improve alot, but for the creative, there’s a workaround available to overcome any barrier!

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