Linkbar tools

I’m a fan of linkbar tools, also called bookmarklets. They are a great aid for working more efficiently with social web tools. This is an overview of my current collection:


  • kwout can be used to quote parts of a webpage and share the screenshot with your network; you can’t use it on sites that require you to log in first, because the screenshot is based on what the kwout crawler can see;
  • frmget is a strange duck in the list: it’s not a networking tool, but useful for hacking forms that transfer the input data using POST protocol. By clicking frmget on a webpage, the POST forms on that page are transformed into GET forms, so if the form is submitted again, you’ll see all the input data appearing in the url. This is useful if you want a static url to webpages that can only be accessed by submitting a form.
  • similicous is the newest entry and I’ve not much experience yet. It should be able to find websites with similar content as the one you’re looking at.
  • emailthis is obviously a service which will send out an email containing a reference to the current site
  • delicious is the well-known social bookmark repository.
  • feedwhip is a one-click entry to a rss-feed that will track updates to the current page for you! Very useful for sites that don’t have their own RSS feed yet. An alternative for feedwhip is page2rss.
  • facebook no further comments needed… but I use it little, because all my new delicious bookmarks are automatically shared on facebook anyway
  • abonneren (dutch for ‘subscribe’) will subscribe me on the RSS feed issued on the current webpage. This is a Google reader tool.
  • fleck is another social bookmark repository… withering in the shadow of delicious
  • feedmysearch only works on google search result pages (but aren’t you looking at those most of the time?) and returns an RSS feed that will keep you informed about new search results for your query.

The latter is quite interesting. The official google alerts service still only provides updates by email, despite other announcements. I wonder how this appearant 3rd-party service interfaces with the google search engine and why google seems unable to offer the same services…

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