Who’s archiving blogs?

Blogs are replacing traditional media. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels are not anymore the prime source of news. This transition raises many questions, of which the most important is to the professionalism of bloggers. Journalists are trained to do their job and must adhere to deontology rules. Bloggers are not, but their articles are trusted anyway.This question can be answered on other fora.

My question is of more technical nature. The traditional media are archived. Old newspapers or television broadcasts can be retrieved years after publication. But what about blogs? As long as the blogger is active, the contents of the blog will be available. But if the blog is ended, what then?

Will the blogging services (e.g. WordPress, the one hosting this blog) take responsibility to archive their blogs, even if there’s no active owner of the account? Will there be independent services that monitor blogs and make copies of the content for archiving?

Open ended…

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