Frost Alert !

How easily can you implement a useful online service, just by tying together other online services? Intriguing question. I managed to create a very simple service to which you can subscribe and that will notify you if the weather forcast of the upcoming week has temperatures below zero degrees celcius. That’s useful for…

Nah. It’s useful as an experiment! The service is provided on a google site that mainly consists of a single google gadget. The gadget asks the users where he’s living and returns an RSS feed, which he can subscribe to using any RSS feed reader or alert system available. The RSS feed on it’s turn, is generated by a yahoo pipe that uses dapper to parse the weather forecast that’s provided by google web search.

What’s the use of this all… not much really, because an online service like this is completely unreliable. If one of the component services changes specs or even stops working, the whole setup falls apart (and in one frosty night, nation-wide crops will be lost, because the farmers were not alarmed 🙂 ).


[20100925] check for an update on this article here.


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